Sleek – I-Divine Sunset Palette.

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Sleek – I-Divine Sunset Palette.

Hi loves! Today I got a review on this gorgeous palette by Sleek! I also gonna swatch all of the colors, so I hope you are ready! Prepare yourself for some lovely sunset goodness for your eyes!

Since you all may know, I love warm bronzy eyeshadows, they’re my fave! So when I saw this palette I was instantly in love. It is the I-Divine Sunset palette by Sleek! I tried a couple of different looks with this palette, and now it’s review time, are you ready?

Pinitsleek sunset palette (1)

This is what the packaging looks like. It came in this cute looking box, I always like it when palettes come in a box šŸ™‚

Pinitsleek sunset palette

A little close-up from the palette itself. If you know Sleek, you know it’s their signature packaging. It is a very “sleek” matte black case (did you see what I just did there, lol). Very simple, but very classy! Let’s take a look on the inside.

Pinitsleek sunset palette (2)

And TADAA!! Look how pretty! It has 12 eyeshadow pans, a two-sided sponge applicator (which I never use, I hate those things, who’s with me?). And a big size mirror, which is super handy! It are all shimmer shades, except for the black one, that one is matte. So if you’re not a shimmer type of girl, this palette is not really for you. It also came with a plastic foil with the shade names on it.

Pinitsleek sunset palette (3)

Little close up of some of the colors, they’re truly breathtaking! Let’s move on to the thing you’re waiting for! The swatches!

Pinitsleek sunset palette (6)

Alright let’s begin with the first row!

  • Nightfall: This is a black matte shade, but it’s lacking a little pigmentation in my opinion.
  • Horizon: This one is a soft red shimmer shade, very lovely!
  • Solstice: This is a little bit of a red/pinky bronze color, it is one of my faves.
  • Afterglow: A really pretty bright orange shimmer, it definitely adds a pop of color to the lids.
  • Sunrise: This is a lovely golden shimmery eyeshadow.
  • Skyline: The only not warm shade in this palette! It is a lovely light blue shimmer shade.
Pinitsleek sunset palette (5)

Let’s take a look at the second row! These are more muted shades.

  • Dusk: This is a darker shade, it’s a plum/brown color, lovely shade to put in the crease!
  • Eve: This is a darker red shade, but I also see a little bit of purple in there, really like this one as well.
  • Dawn: This is a nice copper shade, it is also one of my faves!
  • Golden Hour: This one is a bronze/golden shade, very lovely.
  • Starry: This is a rose gold shade, which is absolutely beautiful!
  • Serene: This is a light pink shimmer shade.


That were all of the colors! I think I like the second row the best! The eyeshadows are really pigmented, except for the black one, which is quite a pity. I think black eyeshadows just need to be the blackest black! They also blend very nicely, and it stays very pretty during the day! I don’t know if I’m gonna use all of the shades, because I’m not really a pink or blue person, but maybe I’m gonna give it a try for once! The bright orange one is just popping! It’s very rare to find a nice bright orange color that looks good. This palette is also very budget-proof! It only costs $11.99. So If you’re a girl like me, loving warm toned eyeshadows, this palette is for you! Big love for this palette! What do your think?

I hope you all had a lovely day, and that you enjoyed reading this review! Stay beautiful!

Pinitsleek sunset palette (4)


What is your favorite shade out of this palette? Let me know in the comments!


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  • Fodor Beatrix
    June 15, 2016

    Great review about that gorgeous palette ! The shade that cough my attention is Dawn because I love copper kind of eyeshadow colors šŸ™‚ ! xx

    • Beauty-Blush
      June 15, 2016

      Yes that one is lovely! And thankyou! šŸ™‚ copper and neutral tones are my fave, can’t live without! Thanks for reading love! X

  • Melting Pot Reloaded
    June 17, 2016

    It seems great. Can I ask you how much did you pay for it and where you have bought it? Thanks!

    • Beauty-Blush
      June 17, 2016

      Hi I live in the Netherlands, so I ordered it from a dutch webshop that only ships to the Netherlands, but you can order it from amazon, the prize is around $12. I paid ā‚¬10 for it! I hope it helps!

  • Brenda
    June 17, 2016

    thanks for the like, means a lot! i hope to see you stop by again soon šŸ™‚ xX

  • Dasa Lavric
    June 25, 2016

    Oh what a gorgeous palette ā¤ļøā¤ļø

  • Classically Ivy
    July 4, 2016

    Great review! I love the ‘Eve’ shade

    • Beauty-Blush
      July 4, 2016

      Thank you! And yeah that one is sooo pretty! I totally agree šŸ™‚

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