Smokey Sunset Eye Makeup | Tutorial.

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Smokey Sunset Eye Makeup | Tutorial.

Hi guys! Today I have a makeup look again with step by step pictures! Today I’m creating a beautiful smokey sunset eye makeup look, so if you wanna know how I created this look then keep on reading!

I wanted to create a nice gradient with colors so I came up with the sunset idea, the look is not that hard to do, if you know how to blend you can definitely create this look! I think it turned out really nice so I can’t wait to show you how I did it.

Pinitsunset makeup look
Step 1:

Firstly I applied some tape from my bottom lash line to my eyebrow to create a sharp edge, and primed my eyelids. I applied a light brown eyeshadow shade to the upper crease and blended it really well and pretty high up, almost as high as my eyebrow. This is going to be our transition shade to make everything blend even better.

Pinitsunset makeup look
Step 2:

Next I applied a matte coral shade on top of that and also blended that really well so we can get a nice gradient.

Pinitsunset makeup look
Step 3:

It wasn’t orange enough in my opinion so I applied a brighter orange a little lower this time in the crease and blended it out very well.

Pinitsunset makeup look
Step 4:

Now that I’m finally happy with the orange part I go on with the next shade. I picked a matte burgundy red shade and applied this under the orange. I blended the 2 shades together really well so there were no visible lines. We want to create a gradient so blending every shade together is key.

Pinitsunset makeup look
Step 5:

Now the fun part! It’s time for some purple, this is what the whole look brings together and adds the smokeyness. I applied a matte dark purple on my eyelids and blended it together into the red shade. I went back and forth with the purple and red shade to make the transition seamlessly.

Pinitsunset makeup look
Step 6:

I removed my tape and went along with the lower lash line. I basically used the red and orange combined on my lower lash line and applied some of the purple in the outer corner.

Pinitsunset makeup look
Step 7:

Next I applied some dark purple eye pencil into my water line to go with the purple on the lids.

Step 8:

After that I applied some winged liner to go with the straight edge we’ve created.

Pinitsunset makeup look
Step 9:

I applied some mascara and now the look is complete!

Pinitsunset makeup look

I think it turned out really pretty what do you guys think? I hope you all enjoyed this post and I will see you all later!


Will you recreate this makeup look? Let me know in the comments!


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