Starskin – Eye Catcher Smoothing Eye Mask | Review.

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Starskin – Eye Catcher Smoothing Eye Mask | Review.

Hello beauties! Today I’m testing another skincare product! Today I’m testing and reviewing the Starskin Eye Catcher Smoothing Eye Mask, do you wanna know my thoughts? Then keep on reading!

I actually never tried an eye mask before, I tried some weird masks on this blog, I tried a foot mask, a hand mask, a lip mask, a bubble mask, but never an eye mask! I got this one from my advent calendar and I can’t wait to try it out!

Pinitstarskin eye catcher

This is the Starskin Eye Catcher Smoothing Eye Mask. It’s supposed to reduce puffiness and fine lines and makes your under eye look bright, refreshed and hydrated.

Information from Starskin:

“The easy to use eye masks are infused with a revolutionary serum containing Bio Cellulose which effectively reduces the appearance of eye puffiness, fine lines and dark circles, resulting in a refreshed appearance.

Intelligently shaped to contour the delicate eye area, the Eye Catcher masks are formulated with a signature balance of naturally fermented, Vitamin rich Coconut Juice offering exceptional hydration. The masks drench skin with an advanced skincare serum containing Adenosine and Liquorice Root Extract, visibly smoothing wrinkles and brightening the appearance of the delicate eye area.

A blend of Allantoin and Chamomile work harmoniously to moisturise the skin and visibly relieve any irritation or puffiness. The skin is left luminous and rejuvenated whilst fine lines, dark circles and under eye puffiness is visibly eliminated.”

Pinitstarskin eye catcher

The packaging is bright red/pink and I love it! it’s easy to open and the serum smells really fresh, I like it.

Pinitstarskin eye catcher

On the back you’ll find the directions on how to use the mask, I like that it has images as well. You also find the ingredients on the back. I only find it a bit weird that there is no information on what the mask does on the back, I think people want to know why or for what they are using it right? It also says that the skin can be a bit red after the mask due the active ingredients, I hope that it will be fine on my sensitive skin!

Before you open the mask you need to cleanse and dry your skin. Then you need to massage the packaging gentle to even out the serum. Next you tear open the packaging and take the eye masks out of it. Then you remove the outer protection layers and put them under your eyes with the thinner side towards your nose. After 10 to 15 minutes you remove the mask and pat the serum into the skin with your fingertips.

Pinitstarskin eye catcher

This is what the eye mask looks like under my eye. I must say taking them out of the packaging and putting them on my face was a bit of a struggle, they are so slimy! It felt like a slimy fish that wanted to wiggle off my hands haha! When I finally got them on they stayed really well on my face, they didn’t slide off. On the picture the mask looks white but after a few minutes they turn clear, so it really looks like a second skin what the packaging says. It felt okay on my face but because I have sensitive skin it did burn a bit. When I took the masks off I patted the serum into my skin. It said that it can leave a bit of redness, but it pretty much looked bright red! It still felt a but burny after I took them off and that feeling stayed for a while, also the redness. My under eyes did feel nice and hydrated but other than that I didn’t really notice a big difference. This kind of masks you need to use more often to really see results I suppose.

Pinitstarskin eye catcher

I did like this mask, but I think I won’t use it again. I’ll stick to my normal face masks and eye cream, haha! It just didn’t really do anything for me unfortunately.

– The Starskin Eye Catcher Smoothing Eye Mask retails for $11.00 or € 9,95.


What are your thoughts on eye masks? Let me know in the comments!


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