StyleTone Box Unboxing – February 2016

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StyleTone Box Unboxing – February 2016.

I recently subscribed to the StyleTone box, and today I’m gonna unbox it together with you guys! This is the box of February that I’m gonna unbox today. Shall we take a look at what’s inside?

Pinitstyletone box unboxing 1

The StyleTone Box is a beauty box with 5 full size beauty products in it! I really like that all the products are all full size instead of samples! You can get different kind of subscriptions; monthly (you can unsubscribe whenever you want),three months, six months and twelve months (these stop automatically). It fits in your mail box and all of the products have not been tested on animals! You don’t know what you’re gonna get so every month is a big surprise! You can get StyleTone points to get discount on their products or to get a StyleTone Box for free!

Pinitstyletone box unboxing 2

This is what the box looks like this month! Happy bright colors with a galaxy theme. The product are wrapped in this fancy paper! I really like how it looks, it made me really excited!

Pinitstyletone box unboxing 3

You get a little magazine in the box with information about the products and handy tips, you get a little magazine in every box. I really like that as well, now you can read more about the brands and what it’s made of and all the other qualities. Let’s take a look at the first product!

Pinitstyletone box unboxing 4

The first thing you get is the perfection glass nail file. This is StyleTone’s first ever own product! They say that this glass nail file keeps your nails strong and healthy because it seals the keratin layers of the edge of the nail. It prevents your nails from chipping and peeling, and it is easy to clean! I am very happy with this product because I was actually still looking for a glass file and now I have one! 🙂

Pinitstyletone box unboxing 5

The next thing you get is this gorgeous nail polish from Nailinc. It is a Gel Effect nail polish. The color is called; Old Bond Street. It really glides on your nails, it is really easy to apply and has a really nice shine to it! I Love it! You don’t need a lamp for this one, that’s really good as well. The color is really pretty! What do you think?

Pinitstyletone box unboxing 6

The next thing you get is a matte lip crayon from Lord & Berry. It is an Italian beauty brand that is devoted to empowering and inspiring woman. Mine is in the color Vertige, a hot flaming red! It is really pigmented and moisturizing. It has castor oil in it so it’s also very good for your lips! It is perfectly matte on the lips, but doesn’t dry them out. I wore it on a party and it stayed on for the whole night! Very happy about it and love the color!

Pinitstyletone box unboxing 7

The next product is a Contour Palette from City Color Cosmetics. It has 3 cream to powder contour colors in it and some instructions! You have a contour, bronze and highlight color. I tried it and I kinda liked it, it really does the contour job. I never really contour because I don’t like wearing a lot of makeup on my face, but if I would I definitely use this one. It’s really easy to work with. They’re buildable, so you can control how much definition you want.

Pinitstyletone box unboxing 8

The last thing in the box are these two hand creams from Figs & Rouge. Unfortunately I got two of the same, but Hey! The hand creams are all natural and contain shea butter, an ingredient that is great as a moisturizer. They also contain; Ginseng root extract, mandarin peel oil and cacao nut butter. They are really small so you can take them anywhere! The packaging looks fun as well, nice and colorful. It smells fresh like berries, I love it! It’s non-greasy and feels really good on your hands!


That was the last product of today’s unboxing! Do you want your own StyleTone Box? Then click, HERE!

I hope all of you beauties liked being with me here today, and I will see you all next time!


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X Sam.






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  • Eilish
    March 2, 2016

    Wauw this was a good box!

  • Sylvia
    March 2, 2016

    The hand cream smells so yummie and i did get soft hands.

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