StyleTone Box Unboxing | February 2018.

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Hi guys! The StyleTone box is here again so today we’re going to unbox it together like every month. If you wanna know which goodies are in the February box then keep on reading and find out!

A Little information about StyleTone:

The StyleTone Beautybox is a monthly beautybox which is always filled with 5 full-size beauty products. The best, newest and undiscovered brands are selected by the StyleTone Team. So you will only receive high quality and new products! You can choose to receive the Styletone beautybox every month, or choose a 3, 6 or 12 months subscription. Every month a new theme, a new print… And never tested on animals, because there’s no good excuse for that.

Pinitstyletone box february 2018

It’s the second box of the year, the stressful month January is over and it’s time to really start the year. In this box there are some beauty items and some makeup items to rock this February!

Pinitstyletone box february 2018

Emite – Active Eye Light Concealer.

The first product in this box is a concealer from Emite. From the information about this product I’m not really sure what this is, it’s called a concealer but they keep talking about cream and skincare. I think it’s just an eye cream with a hint of color in it to correct dark circles. It does have some nice ingredients in it so I’m really curious to try this out! The Emite Active Eye Light Concealer retails for €27,00.

Pinitstyletone box february 2018
Pinitstyletone box february 2018

Lord & Berry – Blush Crayon In Camelia.

Next up is a cream blush from Lord & Berry. I love Lord & Berry as a brand and this shade of blush is amazing but I’m not sure how I think about blush in pencil form. It is easy to blend though but you still see pencil lines. I really need to try this one out to see how I can use this best. I think you can even get away with it using it as a lip pencil as well. The Lord & Berry Blush Crayon retails for €15,00.

Pinitstyletone box february 2018

Skin & Tonic – Naked Lip Balm.

Next up is a lip balm from Skin & Tonic. I don’t know this brand so I’m very curious. I love lip balms and I can never get enough of them. This lip balm is made with organic ingredients and makes your lips super smooth and soft. I can’t wait to try this! The Skin & Tonic Naked Lip Balm retails for €4,95 or £3.50.

Pinitstyletone box february 2018
Pinitstyletone box february 2018

Ofra – Lip Liner in Baby Doll.

Next up is something I got really excited for because it’s something from Ofra! I really love Ofra! We got a lip liner from them in this box and I got the shade Baby Doll which is a really nice orange nude shade. It’s super creamy and very easy to apply and of course super pigmented. I can’t wait to put this on my lips! The Ofra Lip Liner retails for €13,00 or $13.00.

Pinitstyletone box february 2018

Double Dare Spa – Jet 2 In 1 Mask Kit.

Last product in this box is a Mask Kit from Double Dare Spa. It looks very nice and fancy. This is a two step mask which I always really like. It will moisturize your face like crazy and because it’s full of anti-oxidants it’s also a nice detox to battle impurities. Really excited to try this mask kit! The Double Dare Spa Jet 2 In 1 Mask Kit retails for €9,00 or $9.00.

That was everything in the February box. It’s not a really special box in my opinion but I did enjoyed it, what are your thoughts?

Want your own StyleTone Box? Click, HERE!

I hope you all enjoyed reading and I will see you all next time!


What would be your favorite in this box? Let me know in the comments!


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  • sherry
    February 17, 2018

    Nice box!

  • Karalee
    February 17, 2018

    It looks like you got a lot of nice products! The blush looks pretty, but it’s weird it’s a pencil!

    • Beauty-Blush
      April 10, 2018

      It’s so weird indeed, I’ve tried it as a lip pencil and it worked quite well so I think I’m going to use it like that instead X

      • Karalee
        April 11, 2018

        Oh okay! That’s good you can use it as a lip pencil!

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