StyleTone Box Unboxing – March 2016.

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StyleTone Box Unboxing – March 2016.

YAY! It’s time for another StyleTone Box Unboxing! This time it’s the March box! These things always makes me so happy! Wondering what’s in this months box? Then keep on reading!

Pinitstyletone box unboxing 1

This time It’s Black & White themed. This box is all about “stepping out of the box”, trying new things you never would’ve bought yourself, experimenting and keeping an open vision. In this box you’ll find 5 things that are not very usual, but really come in handy!

Pinitstyletone box unboxing 2

This is what the box looks like. It looks really classy and you already know from the look of it that it is an edgy black & white theme. The products are again nicely wrapped in fancy paper! Also you get the little information book with tips and tricks, and information about the products itself. Let’s see what our first product is!

Pinitstyletone box unboxing 3

The first thing you get is this lovely eye pencil from OFRA. It’s €11,75 or $13.00. It is a white eye pencil, so it’s a little bit different. It says that this waterproof eye pencil is perfect to wear on your waterline to make your eyes appear bigger. The formula’s first and biggest ingredient is Ricinus Communis Oil. This nourishes your skin and keeps it soft. You can also use it on your eyelids itself or even on your lips! I haven’t had a chance to try this one yet but I will definitely going to experiment with this one!

Pinitstyletone box unboxing 5

The next thing is a Mineral Eyeshadow from Marsk in the color; Fifty Shades. It’s €19,50 or $22.50. It is a beautiful metallic grey color. I don’t own a mineral eyeshadow yet so I am very happy that I have one now. They say that mineral makeup is really good for sensitive skin because it does not contain any preservatives or fragrances. The only downside is, is that it doesn’t last as long as conventional makeup. They are 100% natural and mineral loose powder and highly pigmented. I am looking forward using this product and create many many different looks!

Pinitstyletone box unboxing 4

This next thing I was very excited about, I had never seen it before! It is a lipcolor top coat from Ardency Inn the Punker Lip Gloss in Semi Goth. I First thought that it was a chunky eye pencil and when I saw It was a lip product it really shocked me, because it’s black! But luckily it wasn’t as bad as I thought, it is a wet-shine translucent black lip gloss that gives you a darker lipcolor. You can make your day look to a night look with only seconds with this pencil. Apply it over lipstick or under lip gloss to add a sheer dark tone. I think this is really interesting! The formula contains Coconut Oil to soften you lips, and Vitamin C&E to moisturize and protect your lips. It’s €17,50 or $19.00.

Pinitstyletone box unboxing 6

This is a skincare product. It’s a recovery serum from Figs & Rouge. It’s €31,99 or $34.80. I really like that there is a skincare product in this box, because i’m really obsessed with skin care! It helps against dry irritated red skin on your face or hands. It has hazel extract for rejuvenation, royal jelly for anti-aging, and healing properties and blue daisy and aloe vera for soothing qualities in it! I could really use a serum like this because my skin is sometimes quite red and irritated! I never used a serum before only oils and creams, so I’m excited to try!

Pinitstyletone box unboxing 7

The last product in the box, but definitely not the least! This is a lip plumping lip gloss from ISKIN Lip Addict. It’s €49,00 or $49.00. Which is quite expensive so I’m very happy! I have the color; Pink Sugar 212, it’s a light sparkly pink. This lip gloss plumps and counters aging effects, without needles! They say it’s Botox in a bottle. It’s a infused with marine collagen and hyaluronic acid, non sticky, tingling formula that plumps your lips and smooth’s fine lines. If you use it daily and consistently for a few weeks your lips will look fuller and smoother, they say. I only used it once to try, and it does feel really tingly on your lips, but it’s not annoying, I think it feels kinda nice! It didn’t make my lips much bigger but it did kinda smooth out the fine lines, and when the lip gloss rubbed of my lips they felt really soft, I had no dry lips anymore! It also looked very pretty, it was a little bit sticky, but not that much. I hate it when lip glosses are really sticky! It also smells really strongly like peppermint, so nice fresh lips as well! I am happy with it!

This was this months StyleTone box! Have you read my post about the February box yet? No? Then click HERE if you wanna know what was inside that box!

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