StyleTone Box Unboxing | May 2018.

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Hi guys! The StyleTone Box just arrived so that means it’s going to be time for another unboxing. In this months box there are some amazing makeup bits that you cannot miss! If you wanna know what’s inside this months box then keep on reading!

I just wanted to tell you all something quick, this is going to be the last StyleTone Box Unboxing that I’ll do. I know it’s a bit sad but I replaced it with something new and really exciting so don’t be too sad. I’ve been subscribed to the StyleTone box for 2 years now and I thought it was time to expand my horizon and try out a new beauty box. I already got that one in the mail as well so if you don’t wanna miss that unboxing make sure to come back!

A Little information about StyleTone:

The StyleTone Beautybox is a monthly beautybox which is always filled with 5 full-size beauty products. The best, newest and undiscovered brands are selected by the StyleTone Team. So you will only receive high quality and new products! You can choose to receive the Styletone beautybox every month, or choose a 3, 6 or 12 months subscription. Every month a new theme, a new print… And never tested on animals, because there’s no good excuse for that.

Pinitstyletone box may 2018

It’s almost Summer so this box will definitely make you ready for that! I love the pink theme of this months box it’s so fresh and girly!

Pinitstyletone box may 2018
Pinitstyletone box may 2018

Cougar – Six Shades Of Nude Eyeshadow.

The first product in this box is this eyeshadow compact. I was kinda hoping for an actual palette but oh well. I really love the shades, they’re really shimmery and pretty. You might even can use some of the shades as a highlighter, how cool will that be? The only bad thing about these kind of compacts is that it’s really difficult to pick up just one shade with a brush, it’s such a small space. The Cougar Six Shades Of Nude Eyeshadow retails for €14,85 or £13.00.

Pinitstyletone box may 2018

Sugar – Lash Mob Limitless Mascara.

The next item is another makeup product, this time it’s a mascara from Sugar. The mascara wand is your standard bristle brush so it looks like a normal mascara. This mascara has a creamy texture and doesn’t clump. It contains antioxidants and promotes lash growth! It’s sounds very promising and I can’t wait to try it out! The Sugar Lash Mob Limitless Mascara retails for €8,60.

Pinitstyletone box may 2018

Seacret – Cuticle Oil.

Up next is something that will come in handy, it’s a cuticle oil. It’s a bit shameful but I didn’t own a cuticle oil yet even though mine are always quite dry, so this comes at the perfect time for me. I already used it and I can already tell it’s a really nice product and easy to use. My cuticles already look much better 🙂 The Seacret Cuticle Oil retails for €12,95.

Pinitstyletone box may 2018

Jelly Pong Pong – Highlighting Pencil.

Up next is a highlighting pencil. I have a lot of these type of pencils but I never really know what to use them for, they are matte skin colored pencils but I still haven’t had anything to use them for, so if you have any tips they’re always welcome! I must say that this one is really creamy so that’s really nice! The Jelly Pong Pong Highlighting Pencil retails for €17,95 or $17.95.

Pinitstyletone box may 2018
Pinitstyletone box may 2018

Mesauda Milano – 4 Ever Khol In Green.

The last product in the box is this gorgeous eye pencil from Mesauda Milano in this nice dark green color. It’s a bit metallic and not super bright which I like. It’s super creamy and there is also a smudger on the end which can come in handy. This pencil is waterproof which is good news and super pigmented like you can see! The Mesauda Milano 4 Ever Khol retails for €9,80.

That was the last product already! I must say I am gonna miss this little guy, I’ve had this box since the start of my blog so there were many good memories, I hope you all enjoyed it as much a I did and you will see what kind of new beautybox I’m gonna unbox next, stay tuned!

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What would be your favorite product in this box? Let me know in the comments!


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