StyleTone Box Unboxing | November 2017.

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Hello lovelies! We’re in the middle of November so that means it’s time for a StyleTone Box Unboxing! It still gets me excited every time and I can already tell you guys that this months box is really good, so keep on reading if you wanna know what’s inside the November box!

A Little information about StyleTone:

The StyleTone Beautybox is a monthly beautybox which is always filled with 5 full-size beauty products. The best, newest and undiscovered brands are selected by the StyleTone Team. So you will only receive high quality and new products! You can choose to receive the Styletone beautybox every month, or choose a 3, 6 or 12 months subscription. Every month a new theme, a new print… And never tested on animals, because there’s no good excuse for that.

Pinitstyletone box november 2017

This months box looks really in the style of winter don’t you think? I changed things up a bit with the photo’s because of it and made it a bit more cozy looking 🙂 This month there are some known brands that we’ve seen before but also some newer ones, I can’t wait to look inside!

Pinitstyletone box november 2017
Pinitstyletone box november 2017

Christian Faye – Quattro Eyeshadow Blue.

The first thing in the box is already something I get really excited about. One of my favorite makeup items are eyeshadows so I’m thrilled to see an eyeshadow palette in this month’s box. In this little palette are 4 eyeshadows, from light to dark and perfect to make a complete makeup look with. I received the blue one and I think  it’s really pretty and the shadows feel really creamy and pigmented. The dark shade (number 4) is not that pigmented and creamy as the others, but still a nice little palette! The Christian Faye Quattro Eyeshadow retails for €15,95.

Pinitstyletone box november 2017

Paese – Individual Eyelashes.

Next up is also something I really like, it are individual eyelashes from Paese. I don’t use fake eyelashes that often but when I do I always use whole eyelashes, but I’m happy to try individuals as well maybe they work even better! There is also a little tube of eyelash glue included so that’s also really nice. The eyelashes look really pretty so I can’t wait to try them. The Paese Individual Eyelashes retails for €12,00.

Pinitstyletone box november 2017
Pinitstyletone box november 2017

Bella Pierre – Shimmer Roll In Champagne.

Next up is ALSO a really nice product, they just keep on coming with the good products in this box! This is a Shimmer Roll from Bella Pierre in the shade Champagne. It’s a really nice light gold color and so shimmery! The swatch is just one gentle swipe can you believe that!? You can use this as a highlighter, on your eyes but also on your body so it’s multi functional. The only problem is when you blend it out it disappears quite a bit *sadface*. The Bella Pierre Shimmer Roll retails for €20,00 or £11.57.

Pinitstyletone box november 2017

Beautaniq Beauty – Radiant Glow Sheet Mask.

Up next is also something I really like because it’s a face mask! I love face masks and skincare in general and I think this is just what I need. I don’t know this brand but a radiant glow sheet mask sounds really good to me! My skin is looking horrible lately and I this is just what it needs. Can’t wait to put this on my face. The Beautaniq Beauty Radiant Glow Sheet Mask retails for €6,00 or $6.00.

Pinitstyletone box november 2017
Pinitstyletone box november 2017

Youth Lab – CC Cream.

The last product in the box is a CC Cream from Youth Lab. I do think I’ve heard of this brand but I’m not sure, it just sounds really familiar. This is for normal to dry skin and it has SPF 30 in it which is nice. It is tinted and a bit dark for me but I do think I can make this work. When I rubbed it on my hand my skin felt SO soft and moisturized so I need to make this work, it feels like an amazing product! The Youth Lab CC Cream retails for €14,95.

Pinitstyletone box november 2017

That was everything in the November box, I really enjoyed this box, they really stepped up their game I think!

Want your own StyleTone Box? Click, HERE!


What is your winter must have? Let me know in the comments! 


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  • Jessica Kennedy
    November 16, 2017

    Love the packaging on the facemask… what a cute little box! xxxx

  • Siyana
    November 16, 2017

    Oh I’ve never heard of this box before but it sounds really interesting! That eyeshadow palette is absolutely fab!

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