Summer Try-On Clothing Haul | 2017.

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Summer Try-On Clothing Haul | 2017.

This is my first try-on haul on my blog so bare with me guys! I’ve always wanted to do more fashion related posts and look books for you guys but I was lacking on confidence… I still am but I bought some new clothing for the summer and thought why the hell not do a try-on! I think we all have our body insecurities, but we can’t hide forever.

I’ve been working on this post for quite some time now (sorry it took so long). I’ve been researching on how to do these kind of things and practicing with poses and stuff, I’m still not perfectly happy with everything but hey this is my first try-on so I can’t be too hard on myself! I would love to know what you guys think of course, and if you like these kind of posts. I had my boyfriend helping me with the photo’s so I’m really thankful, it was a bit awkward with the posing and all but it was fun haha!

Enough rambling!

Last week I’ve bought some clothing for the summer, I love having some new clothing every season even though I have enough to wear. It just makes it feel like a fresh start to me. I didn’t buy too many things but I’m happy with the stuff I’ve got. I even got out of my comfort zone this time which my goal for this summer! I’ve gotten some shorts and dresses and even a bikini! Since I’ve gained a lot of weight I’ve never wore a bikini or shorts so I think it’s quite an accomplishment! Let’s take a look at everything I’ve got.

Pinitsummer try on haul
Pinitsummer try on haul

Here is the first outfit! I really wanted a super baggy shirt but I never found one. Now I finally got one, yay! It’s in a khaki color which I love, I really wanted some more khaki colored things so I’m pretty happy with it and it feels so comfy! It’s a 6xl which is pretty large, but I love it! I love wearing it with some light blue denim pants and tuck it in, it makes the look really comfy and casual.

Pinitsummer try on haul

Like I already said in the intro I wanted to buy more shorts and come out of my comfort zone a little bit. I really like these ones, it’s a light blue denim with some nice pocket detailing. I didn’t want one that was too short and I think this one is the perfect length. I rolled them up a little bit which I think is a nice touch.

  • Baggy khaki t-shirt: €12,90 at C&A.
  • Light blue denim shorts: €14,90 at C&A.
Pinitsummer try on haul

I wanted a baseball kind of look shirt for quite a while now. The only ones I’ve seen weren’t in black, my size, or they only had 3/4 sleeves. I’m so happy that I finally got one now and it fits really nicely. I rolled up the sleeves a little bit, but they are long sleeves.

Pinitsummer try on haul

When I saw this pencil skirt I was instantly in love! Look how adorable! It’s a pencil skirt with different Minnie Mouse faces and I love it.

  • Baseball long sleeve shirt: €9,99 at H&M.
  • Minnie Mouse pencil skirt: €4,95 at New Yorker.
Pinitsummer try on haul
Pinitsummer try on haul

Yes I bought a dress! I wanted a simple loose-fitting dress in black so I picked up this one.

Pinitsummer try on haul

I love the details in the back, it just gives it something a little bit more special. You can make it seam in a little in the waist with the string, but I like it more this way.

  • Black t-shirt dress: €19,90 at C&A.
Pinitsummer try on haul

Next up is maybe a little bit less summer but I couldn’t leave it hanging. It’s a bright pink sweater and I’m just in love with it, it also looks so nice and popping with a tan. Although it’s a summer haul this is one of my favorites. I also bought another pair of shorts but these ones are in a sweatpants material. I thought it would be nice to lounge in around the house.

Pinitsummer try on haul
  • Vibrant pink sweater: €24,99 at H&M.
  • Green sweatpants shorts: €9,99 at H&M.
Pinitsummer try on haul
Pinitsummer try on haul

I buy a lot of casual clothing but I have nothing in my closet that is a little more sophisticated. I found this 3/4 sleeve blazer with a cool aztec print. It’s black and white and the material is quite thick. It has 2 pockets and a slit in the sides. I think this blazer is perfect to dress up an outfit.

Pinitsummer try on haul

I also bought these pants. I love these type of pants, I live these pants and I couldn’t go without them, they are amazing and so comfy! I bought it in this super cool blue print and it looks super happy and summery.

  • Black and white aztec print blazer: €24,95 at New Yorker.
  • Blue baggy pants: €14,99 at H&M.
Pinitsummer try on haul

I totally forget to take try-on pictures of this dress (OOPS!), so I’m sorry guys! This is a little skater dress, again in a aztec print. I love these type of prints! It’s quite a thick material but I don’t mind, I just needed to have it because of the print haha.

Pinitsummer try on haul

Here you can see the print a little bit better, it’s black and white but also has some pink in it.

Pinitsummer try on haul

This is what the back of the dress looks like, I love the double straps!

  • Aztec skater dress: €9,95 at New Yorker.
Pinitsummer try on haul

I’m not feeling confident enough to do a try on, on this bikini, but this way you can still see it. I haven’t worn a bikini in ages so it’s quite new for me again. Finding a bikini can be a bit of a challenge for me because I have quite a big breast size so I thought that this type of bikini must work! It’s a high neck halter bikini with black and white stripes and I love it.

Pinitsummer try on haul

Here you can see the details of the bikini, it also has some gold details on the straps which I really like.

  • Black and white halter bikini top: €12,95 at New Yorker.
  • Black and white bikini slip: €8,95 at New Yorker.
Pinitsummer try on haul

Last but not least, I’ve got myself some new sandals. When I saw these ones I instantly fell in love! I love the gypsy style and the brown. I only have Birkenstocks and flipflops for summer shoes so I was in desperate need of some sandals.

Pinitsummer try on haul

Here you can see a little bit more details of the embroidery.

  • Gypsy Sandals: €24,90 at Van Haren.

Alright guys that was everything I’ve got! I’m sorry that it’s all in euros and from (mostly) dutch shops, but I can’t really help it that I live in the Netherlands, haha! I still hope you liked this post and I can’t wait to hear your feedback!


What is your favorite thing to wear in summer? Let me know in the comments!


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  • Dinja
    June 6, 2017

    Hee leuk zeg 😀 je doet het goed hoor met de outfitfoto’s!
    Je hebt leuke spullen geshopt! Al zou ik meer kleur moeten dragen, mijn favoriet is toch wel het zwarte jurkje ^^

    • Beauty-Blush
      June 19, 2017

      Aww dankjewel! 🙂 Ik probeer in de zomer altijd wat meer kleur te dragen, ziet er wat vrolijker uit haha en is ook iets minder warm dan zwart! X

  • Sylvia
    June 7, 2017

    Leuke blog en leuke outfit’s + foto’s!
    You go girl, i love it xxx

  • Sarah Baroom
    June 8, 2017


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