The Boyfriend TAG!

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The Boyfriend TAG!

Me and my boyfriend are almost 3 years together, so I thought it would be time for The Boyfriend TAG! I looked up some questions, and we are gonna answer them both! Have fun reading!

I saw a lot of “the boyfriend tag” on YouTube, and it looked to me like a fun thing! I’m just gonna write it down! I write down the questions and Perry (my boyfriend) and I gonna answer them both! Let’s see who knows each other best!


1.Where did we meet?
Perry: You added me on Facebook, and we talked a little. We thought to just stay friend because I was already taken, but that turned out a little bit different than we expected!
Sam: The first time we really meet in person was a day after we spoke. He came to my little town, not far from him, and we meet at the train station. We went to pet some sheep, I love sheep! But after 30 minutes or so he already needed to go home *sadface*.

2. Where was our first date?
Perry: We didn’t really go on dates, not officially. We just had a bit of fun doing nothing! 🙂
Sam: No indeed, we didn’t really went on dates, we just went outside and sat in the sun just talking and having fun! But it was nice though.

3. What was your first impression of me?
Perry: Ohh, back in the time,haha.. uhmmm.. I thought you were really nice and sweet, but you came of to be a little bit insecure.
Sam: You were kinda shy, but I already saw that you were a sweet and soft person, and I liked that!

4. When did you meet the family?
Perry: Your parents I met in the second week that we met I think, but I’m not completely sure!
Sam: I think I met your parents the second day that I knew you! It was pretty quick, let’s just keep it to that!

5. Do I have a weird fear?
Perry: Yeah, you kinda have! You really don’t want to touch a mattress, you find it really disgusting, haha. You have some weird stuff going on with different kind off fabrics!
Sam: Haha! You hate the old wet left over food that lays in the sink! You really don’t touch them, only with gloves! Haha. And I don’t know why but you hate to touch heels as well!

6. How long have we been together?
Perry: Do you want it exact? 2 years, 11 months and 12 days! 🙂
Sam: And the hours and seconds? Haha just kidding! A half month left and we have been together for 3 years…Time flies!

7. Do we have a tradition?
Perry: Uhmm… Not really. Maybe a little. We always go to the faire in the summer and stuff.
Sam: Also what we always do is spooning before we go to sleep! Haha, and we always cuddle when we watch movies. And! We say like a 1000 times Love you when one another leaves! Aren’t we sweet? 🙂

8. What was our first road trip? 
Perry: On your birthday we went to Rotterdam with the car to go shopping, that was a lot of fun!
Sam: Yeah, we went to Rotterdam before that, but that was by train, so not really a road trip!

9. What was the first thing you noticed about me?
Perry: Uhmm… I really can’t remember.. It’s such a long time ago haha.
Sam: The first thing that I’ve noticed was that your way of dressing really didn’t match your personality, haha. You wore baggy clothes and looked all tough guy, but you were really sweet and totally the opposite.

10. What is my favorite restaurant?
Perry: I would say McDonalds, hahaha!
Sam: Seriously? I would say Honeypie! I’m not really an “eating out” kinda person, I rather go to lunch somewhere in a cozy restaurant, than going out for dinner! For you I would say, everything that contains kebab or pizza haha
Perry: Actually everything that’s fat and bad for you, hahaha!

11. What do we argue about the most?
Perry: If you don’t want to say if something’s going on, and when you hide your feelings for me, that really irritates me a lot!
Sam: Also the cleaning we argue about, right? That you never tidy your things, and that you forget many important stuff!

12. Who wears the pants in the relationship?
Perry: I would say no one. It really depends on the situation.
Sam: ME! Haha, alright kidding. It indeed depends on the situation. (Not really, it’s me…sssttt…haha).

13. If I am watching TV, what am I watching?
Perry: Makeover programs, you love that! Weight loss, clothes, surgeries, just everything with makeovers!
Sam: You like everything with dead people in it, and a lot of violence….ughhh…haha.

14. What is one food I don’t like?
Perry: Leek and just everything that’s healthy! You’re a really bad eater!
Sam: You really hate red cabbage! definitely that!

15. What drink do I order when we go out for a drink?
Perry: Fanta or cold chocolate milk! Your true addiction haha!
Sam: Haha, yup! It’s definitely an addiction! You would order a beer or Coca Cola! You’re in love with that stuff!

16. What is one talent that I have?
Perry: You are really creative, you always know how to make the impossible, possible! I like that!
Sam: Your talent is that I’ve never met a person that is so sweet as you. And you are always listening and being there for me on my down days! I think that’s really special!

17. What would I eat everyday if I could?
Perry: Something with cheese, haha!
Sam: Not even chocolate??
Perry: That also, but I guess you’ll get really fat when you eat that everyday!
Sam: Cheese isn’t that slimming also! You would eat pizza everyday, that one is quite simple! 🙂

18. What kind of cake would you bake me on my birthday?
Perry: Cheesecake with caramel filling! Haha!
Sam: Why, just why, haha! I would bake you a chocolate cake in the shape of a pizza, haha!

19. What is the one thing you wish I didn’t do?
Perry: Not being so much on your phone, so you can be with me instead! 🙂
Sam: That you didn’t irritate me as much, haha kidding, and that you didn’t forget important things, like placing something in the fridge or close the lids on things!

20. What shoe size do I wear?
Perry: You have shoe size 39 (European size), but you wear 40 because you like bigger shoes!
Sam: If you didn’t know this one I would hit you, but it’s true so you’re safe. You wear shoe size 44, you like wider shoes better 🙂


Alright you guys, sorry for the long post, but this was The Boyfriend TAG! I hope you like it and I’ll see you tomorrow. I hop you all had a lovely day!


If you have a boyfriend, how long have you been together? Let me know in the comments!


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  • Dinja
    May 6, 2016

    Aww lief 😀 volgens mij zijn jullie een leuk stel samen!
    Ik ben al 3 jaar en 10 maanden samen met mijn vriend ^^

    • Beauty-Blush
      May 7, 2016

      Dankjewel 🙂 en dat is ook al een tijdje! Bijna 4 jaar! Leuk!

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