They Found A Bomb In Front Of My House!

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Hi guys! Yesterday something shocking happened that I didn’t expect. Yesterday was kind off a normal day so as I thought but only did I know there was a bomb found in the water in front of my house without even knowing it!

I’m feeling ill for the past week and a half so yesterday I was still sick at home and so was my boyfriend, I think the lack of sun lately isn’t doing us much good. Anyhow we were just resting on the couch not doing a lot and in the end of the afternoon I got a text from my mom if we also got evacuated because of the bomb, I thought BOMB, WHAT!? So my mom sent me the link from the news and firstly I didn’t think it was something serious and I thought it was already done and over. We looked out of the window and there was police and all, I mean how do we not know about this all day I mean this has been going on from 8 AM.

When I saw the police outside I was starting to freak a little because that meant it wasn’t over yet even though the news article said that in the end of the afternoon the bomb was going to be disarmed. It hadn’t happened yet though. It was a really big plane explosive from world war 2 so it was kind off a big deal! My boyfriend went outside to ask the policeman what was going on, the bomb was going to be disarmed but they didn’t know when. They also didn’t know if we needed to be evacuated or not so it was super nerve wracking.

Of course it was exactly around dinner time and because we didn’t know if we would be evacuated or not I didn’t want to start to cook dinner because yeah not a very smart idea, lol. I constantly looked on twitter for updates and my anxiety was sky high at the moment cuz I didn’t know what was going to happen. Of course I also thought about my furbabies, I mean the dog isn’t really an issue but try and bring a cat with you especially a cat that has anxiety. Everything rushed through my head and I was pretty scared that I would lose everything.

Finally we got another update, it was going to happen at 8:30 PM and you weren’t allowed in the area from 8. They said it would probably take an hour. But then we got the second problem. We ALWAYS have the cat’s carrier but we lent it out of course right now we don’t have it. Luckily I got a package today that came in a big box so I diy’ed a carrier lol. We packed ourselves and our pets and my father in law came to pick us up. There we ate something and waited until we got the clear. Luckily it was as planned and at 9:30 we got the all clear and went home. My heart was racing the whole time it was quite scary. I now certainly know that I’m a wuss and that I won’t survive a zombie apocalypse haha!

Long story short I survived! 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed reading and I will see you all next time!


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