Trying Out Samples.

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Trying Out Samples.

I had some samples laying around so I thought, Let’s try them out together! I always love getting samples from stores so you can try out things you otherwise won’t pick up. These are serums, day creams, BB-creams and foundation. Let’s go testing these babies!

Pinittrying out samples 2

Vichy Idealia Life Serum:

This is a skin idealizer serum. It’s for all skin types and paraben free!

Pinittrying out samples 3

This is what the serum looks like. It is a light formula and it has tiny orange glitters in it. When you spread it on you face the glitters aren’t noticeable, but it does make your skin glowy looking. It blends well into the skin and my face looks good and feels soft. My skin feels well hydrated!

Would I buy the full size?
It felt good so, yes I think I would buy the full size of this product!

Pinittrying out samples 4

Qiriness Caresse Source D’eau, Velvety Moisturizing Cream:

This is a moisturizing day and night cream, for a soft touch and fresh look.

Pinittrying out samples 5

I think the formula is more of a gel than a cream. It feels really smooth on the skin, and smells really fresh. My skin looks healthy and glowy. It does not feel greasy, and blends well into the skin. It feels so soft!!

Would I buy the full size?
YES! This is one of my favorites. I would definitely buy the full size.

Pinittrying out samples 6

Vichy Normaderm Night Detox:

This is a night cream, also paraben free. The Normaderm series of Vichy are well known for preventing impurities.

Pinittrying out samples 7

This cream spreads really easy but is a little bit greasy. My skin doesn’t absorb the cream very fast. It smells good and the hydration of this cream is also very nice, a little bit of a bummer that it feels greasy on the skin!

Would I buy the full size?
I think I wouldn’t buy the full size, I don’t like it if my skin feels greasy.

Pinittrying out samples 8

Aqua Hydrating cream gel:

This is a cream/gel for normal to combination skin. It says for natural perfection and an even complexion.

Pinittrying out samples 9

It’s almost a translucent gel, but with a slight skin color tint to it. It’s feels almost the same as Qiriness, but it is a little bit less glowy. It also smells fresh and feels soft on the skin and blends well. I really like gel moisturizers, the are really hydrating so I’m very happy!

Would I buy the full size?
Yess!! I would buy the full size, it feels good and not greasy at all! My skin looks good and feels really soft.

Pinittrying out samples 10

Nivea Cellular Anti-Age, Serum and Cream:

This is a smoothing serum and day cream. The day cream has SPF 15 in it so that’s good. There both cell renewing products.

Pinittrying out samples 11

The serum is a cream/gel formula. It is very strong scented, I don’t really like it. It feels a little bit greasy on the skin, but my skin does look good. The day cream is quite thick, also a very strong scent. This one is very greasy, but my skin does feel hydrated. Combining these products together works well, only a little bit disappointing that my skin feels so greasy. I always find that products with SPF in it always feel a little bit greasy on the skin, why?

Would I buy the full size?
Nope, I won’t. It is way too greasy to my liking. I think this is my least favorite.

On to the BB-creams/foundation:

Pinittrying out samples 12

Garnier BB-Cream:

This one is for combination to oily skin. It is for light skin and it’s an oil free texture they say.

Pinittrying out samples 13

This is what it looks like! It is a thin/light formula and blends really easy. It smells fresh and gives a dewy finish, which I like. I think for a BB-cream it has a really good coverage!

Would I buy the full size?
Yes, I would buy a full size of this one, I think it is a good BB-cream!

Pinittrying out samples 14

HR Color Clone foundation:

This one is a foundation, the color is 023 Beige Biscuit. It’s way too dark for me but that’s okay! It says it’s for a perfect complexion and that it’s moisturizing. It Has SPF 15 in it.

Pinittrying out samples 15

Like you can see, It’s way too dark for my skintone. The formula is quite thin and it blends in nicely! It has a light scent, but it smells fresh. I think the coverage is very good and it a little bit of a dewy finish. It is very hydrating for a foundation and I’m really happy about that! I love this one!

Would I buy the full size?
YESS! I love this foundation. It just has everything you need; coverage, SPF and it feels soft and hydrating! But if I buy it I will buy another color haha 🙂

Pinittrying out samples 16

Gosh BB-cream:

It’s an all in one product. It is a primer, a foundation and a moisturizer in one, and it has SPF 15 in it!

Pinittrying out samples 17

This formula is a little bit thicker. It feels a little bit greasy on the skin. It smells terrible!! It’s a cosmetic foundation scent, and very strong, yuk! It does blend okay and feels okay, but I’m not super happy or surprised. It had a normal coverage but still looks natural.

Would I buy a full size?
No I wouldn’t buy the full size of this one, I don’t like it and I’ve seen a lot of BB-creams what are way better than this one.


I hope you liked being here with me today! Do you have one of these products? Would you buy some of them? Let me know in the comments!





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