Vichy DermaBlend.

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Vichy DermaBlend.

This is a review on the Vichy Dermablend series. This is a very popular product that makeup artists use to cover up tattoos. It is a full coverage/corrective foundation and concealer for people that have scars, acne, dark circles, red spots, uneven skin tone etc. Today I’m gonna show you how it works!

Pinitvichy dermablend 1.

I’ll start with the foundation, this is what it looks like:

Pinitvichy dermablend 2.

It is just a really simple white plastic tube with a black hinged cap. I have shade number 15 Opal. It is the lightest shade they have, but for my skin tone it is still way to dark. It smells terrible! It smells like a chemical makeup smell, I don’t really like it. The formula is not too thick not too thin, so it is quite easy to blend. It is a full coverage foundation and stays on all day long. I personally don’t like this foundation that much. It says that it blends easily into the skin and isn’t noticeable, but I find it looking really cakey on my face. I don’t have many or terrible skin problems so I actually don’t need it. I guess if you have a problem skin or want to cover things up it will be a good product!

I used it on one of my tattoos to show you the coverage of this foundation 🙂

Pinitvichy dermablend 4.

This is my tattoo without any product on!

Pinitvichy dermablend 5.

This is my tattoo with the foundation on, you can see that it’s way too dark for my skin, but that it does cover my tattoo quite a lot. This is just one layer, but you can build it up for even more coverage.


Now on to the concealer!

Pinitvichy dermablend 3.

This is what this one looks like. I think it looks really pretty and classy. It is not that big so a good travel size. You can take it with you in your handbag in case you need to touch things up. On the left side you have the concealer, really nice that it has that much product! On the right side you have a sponge, I never use the sponge because I like to apply concealer just with my finger, so you have more control and less waste of the product. I used this mostly under my eyes to cover my dark circles; It really brightens the eye area. The only con about using it under your eyes is that it does crease during the day in those little eye wrinkles. I guess if you powder it a lot you have less of a problem with that! This color is also the lightest color, but this turns out to match my skin tone a little bit better 🙂

I also tested this one on my tattoo, Let’s take a look!

Pinitvichy dermablend 6.

It still looks a bit dark but in real life and on my face it looks a lot lighter! The coverage is almost the same as the foundation weird enough.

I also tested them together! I first applied the foundation and after that the concealer, here is what that looks like:

Pinitvichy dermablend 7

You can already see that this technique works a lot better. My tattoo is almost invisible now!

Pinitvichy dermablend 8.

And from a little bit further away. I’ll say it works really well on covering things up! what do you think? If only it matched my skin color…


What do you think of the Vichy DermaBlend series? Do you have skin problems? would you buy it if you had? Let me know in the comments! And as always..





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