A Weird Foot Treatment & Escaping Sheep | Dear Diary Week 47.

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A Weird Foot Treatment & Escaping Sheep | Dear Diary Week 47.

Hi guys! This week in Dear Diary; the sheep escaped, I tried a really weird foot treatment, had the most views ever and went back to the stables again. Wanna know what else I did this week?

On Monday I watched some YouTube and in the afternoon I went into town for some trays for in my makeup drawers and I also bought some decorations. We bought some dinner on our way home. When we arrived home all the sheep were walking around everywhere! Apparently when they needed to be moved to another section of grass they got scared by a dog and ran away. It was looking funny though, they were everywhere.

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A moment later the farmer came with his dog and led them where they belong, it was nice to see that dog doing its job. We had dinner and in the evening I wrote a blog post and gamed with my boyfriend.

On Tuesday I watched some YouTube and cut my boyfriends hair. After that I went to an appointment and back home I chilled a bit and played some Candy Crush. I had dinner and in the evening I tried out a really weird foot treatment and watched a movie. The treatment was something like “Baby Foot” it’s a chemical peel for your feet and I needed to try it out, the one I got was from my local drugstore but it basically works the same. You need to wear socks filled with gel for an hour and in the upcoming week your skin is going to shed which leaves you with super soft feet, I’m so curious to see if it really works!

Pinitdear diary

On Wednesday I went off to work again, it was nice but the weather was super bad, constantly raining. After work I went grocery shopping and back home I chilled for a bit, watched some YouTube and played some Candy Crush. I also made some blog pictures and in the evening I took a shower and wrote a blog post, after that I watched Beauty and the Geek which was super funny again.

On Thursday I had a but of a chill day. I didn’t really do much today, watched some YouTube and searching a little bit on the internet. In the afternoon we sat outside for a bit and I again played Candy Crush. In the evening I gamed with my boyfriend and I got the most views ever today, yay! Thank you so much guys!

On Friday I had a bit of a down day, I was not feeling myself today and everything was a big chaos in my head, also I was really nervous because in the evening I wanted to go to the riding school again, I haven’t been there since I fell and I was really nervous for everyone’s reaction. In the afternoon I cleaned up a bit in the house and sat outside. I didn’t really have time to write a blog post today, also because I was not feeling it today I didn’t think it was such a good decision. After dinner we went to the stables to watch the lesson and see the horses, I didn’t ride today yet. Luckily everyone was really nice and supportive, next Thursday I go and have a private lesson to get a bit more confidence because I gotten a bit scared unfortunately. Back home I gamed with my boyfriend and when I took my socks off to see if something was already happening to my feet it was covered in loose skin, it was insane! I think it works! I spare you the pictures haha.

On Saturday I did some household things and went into town to buy some things.

Pinitdear diary

From now on I will be doing a monthly haul at the end of every month so I will be showing and explaining everything I bought for the month! šŸ™‚ When we got back home my boyfriend’s parents came by to visit, while my boyfriend and his dad installed the new water tap I walked the dogs with his mom. We walked by the beach, it was nice!

Pinitdear diary

When they left I made my DIY and took some pictures. In the evening I wrote a blog post and played some Candy Crush.

On Sunday the weather was really nice and sunny! Yes finally! I watched some YouTube in the morning and in the afternoon I drew a tattoo sketch. In the afternoon my boyfriend’s brother came by and we chilled in the garden almost the whole afternoon. I even got a little bit tanned šŸ˜® (read burned, haha). I made some blog pictures and had some dinner. In the evening I did a face mask and took a shower, I wrote a blog post after that and gamed with my boyfriend again.

That was my week again guys, I hope you all have had a wonderful week yourselves and I will see you all next time!


Do you play Candy Crush? What level are you at? Let me know in the comments!


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