When Something Good Happens, Something Bad Always Follows.

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Hi guys! Hope you all have had a nice weekend! It’s time to talk you through again from the last couple of days. Some nice things happened but also a little not so nice things unfortunately.

We left of with me talking about Friday as I had to play a badminton game with my new shoes. My shoes were so incredible like 100% better than my other ones, I only wish I could say the same about my game. Of course I played in a higher class so I didn’t have a lot of hope in winning but still this was ridiculous. Everything went out or into the net with the most simple shots. I was getting quite pissed at myself because it was so unnecessary but oh well. I’m just a reservist so I see this just as practice for next years competition season which I do hope to be in a team of my own.

Another thing I do on Fridays is my weigh in, again something that is getting me pissed. Let’s just say the moral of this while story is about things that make me pissed lol. My problem is last year I weighed around 77kg BUT that changed in November, I started running and all of the sudden the scale went up and I mean I wasn’t mad at that at first because I thought it would probably be muscle gain but I went from that 77kg to 81kg and I still am right now and don’t tell me it’s still muscle gain after 3 months! I also do measurements which also stayed the same and I’m just lost right now. I started thinking and I actually didn’t lose any more weight since I quit smoking and I think we all know that with quitting comes digestion problems and a slow metabolism. Right now I do all my power to speed up my metabolism, but then another set back….

Nothing was going on but on Saturday I needed to go for a run again. From the start I had a nagging pain in the lower part of my calf, it wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t nice to run with either. It was on the calf that feels stiff always a day after but I don’t know if that was a link. I don’t know if it was badminton but it seems unlikely because those new shoes were amazing and I had no pain in my legs afterwards even though I normally do. Still because I had it from the start of my run it also couldn’t be that. I don’t know what it is or from what but now on Tuesday it’s still not gone and it still feels the same way. I actually needed to go for a run again but I didn’t go because I don’t want to make it worse incase it’s a real injury. It hurts when I stand on my toes but that’s it I can still walk but I can’t put power on my toes. This kinda sucks especially with the whole weight loss and stuff and because I’m training for a 5k and don’t want to lose progress. I really hope I can go again on Thursday, fingers crossed!

All this stuff resulted in me not feeling too well mentally. I always have those type of days so here it is again, depressions yay… I just feel pissed at the world right now and don’t want anything to do with it. With that I got a message from my boss saying I’m free tomorrow so that’s really nice especially because I don’t feel like doing anything.

Another good and bad thing in one is that I made 2 new listings on my Etsy shop which I’m super happy with, the only “bad” thing is that I’m kinda hitting plateau with my views on there at the moment so please please please check out my new Etsy store and help a girl out *angelface*

That was everything I needed to tell from those few days, I really hope you enjoyed me nag about everything in life and I will see you all later!

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