Ziaja Subtle Bronze Face Cream.

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Ziaja Subtle Bronze Face Cream.

I was very excited finding this Subtle Bronze Face Cream in the mail from Ziaja! I never get tanned because of my light skin, I only turn red like a lobster, so a subtle bronze face? I say a thousand times YES! But does it work?

Pinitziaja subtle bronze face cream 2

Here it is! A bronze/orange little plastic pot! It has 1.7 fl oz (50 ml), so it’s a nice amount for a face cream! It has a subtle smell to it, not very strong and kinda nice. The cream has no color, that’s interesting. Most bronzing products do have a brown-ish tint to it!

Pinitziaja subtle bronze face cream 3

Here is the back of the packaging, also the same color as the product. On the product itself are no direction or ingredients, they’re only listed on the little box it comes with, which I find quite annoying, because when you throw away the box, you can’t look at the ingredients anymore. On the box it says; Light cream for dull and tired skin. Gives the skin a natural-looking suntanned glow without exposure to harmful sun rays. What this cream does is intensely moisturizes the epidermis and prevents the skin from dehydration. It protects the skin against free radicals responsible for ageing. It perfectly revitalizes, nourishes and smooths out the epidermis, and it prevents the symptoms of tiredness. The key ingredients are: Walnut and Amber extract, Vitamin E and Pro-vitamin B5.

Pinitziaja subtle bronze face cream 4

This is what the product looks like in the pot. Like you can see, it is just a white cream. The directions say that you need to apply a small amount on the face, avoiding the hairline and eyebrows. You need to wash your hands immediately after applying, and avoid contact with clothes if it’s not completely dry yet, to avoid staining. The tan should appear after 3 to 4 hours. Let’s see!

I applied it to my face, and washed my hand afterwards. It didn’t really dry very quick. It is a very light cream, but on the skin it feels really heavy. My face felt really oily for the whole day. I would’ve liked to take a before and after shot for you guys, but I didn’t really see the reason why, because there was totally no difference, not even slight. I was still as white as a ghost and my skin felt really dirty and oily. It was not a very comfortable experience for me. I don’t think I would use it again, because it didn’t feel very nice and nothing happened. I don’t think that if I used it more that there will be a bronzed look, because I don’t think it works like that. My skin felt really hydrated, but I think that’s normal if the cream makes your face really oily! This was not really a success for me, unfortunately. For me it was a big thumbs down!


Did you ever tried this one? Or have you tried another face bronzing cream that does work? Let me know in the comments!  


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I hope you all had a lovely day!

Lots of love,

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